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The project aims to provide information about languages and promote multilingualism on the internet. The project's final product, the website, will be innovative, interactive, fun and user-friendly. The interface and content will be inclusive of users with different ICT skills, interests and needs. It will teach about languages, promote existing web-based courses, and engage users in communication with other users.

The website will be available in at least 17 languages at its launch. However, translations are planned for all official EU languages, to make the site available to as many users as possible. The site will use a pedagogical approach to provide information about official, regional and minority European languages, as well as some non-European languages. We will use innovative ICT methodologies (games, interactive language exercises, quizzes on cultures and languages, etc.) and develop new e-tools aimed at motivating users to learn languages, by demonstrating that languages can be both fun and useful.

Nine partners from seven countries are collaborating on the two-year project. Work on the project began in December 2012, and official launch of the beta version of the site is planned for early 2014. The project is supported by the European Commission under the KA2 – Languages, Lifelong Learning Programme.

This project is based on "Lingva prismo" - a project launched in 2003 by some of the partners involved in this consortium. The project aimed to introduce the idea of language diversity, provide information about languages and enable discussions on language-related topics. The website was developed in 2003, and though the site has not been technically updated since then, it continues to draw a significant number of visitors, indicating a great deal of interest in the content.

The old "Lingva prismo" website, which will be replaced by, is still available online at


You can contact our team at info (at)